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Teyseer Tire Pro Service centre

Teyseer Tire Pro is a specialized service provider for tires, batteries, and related services operates under the roof of Teyseer Motors WLL.
When it comes to the performance of your vehicle, you want quality service from our trusted experts. Teyseer Tire Pro offers a wide range of automotive and tire & batteries services.

Teyseer Tire Pro Mobile Services

Teyseer Tire Pro Mobile Services launched to offer world class onsite services ranging from Tire fixing, Puncture Repairs, Nitrogen Filling & Battery Services. Call us 6000 7393 and grab the best deals!

Our Services

Tire Fitting & wheel balancing

Fixing and balancing is an essential process for tire services. Our qualified technician will mount the tire carefully on the rim followed by inflating the tire to the desired air pressure.

The wheel assembly is then balanced on a highly sophisticated wheel balancing machine. The purpose of wheel balancing is to measure the imbalance of the wheel assembly, so that the technician can precisely install the correct tire weights to achieve a properly balanced wheel and tire assembly to ensure smoother ride to your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

Maintaining proper wheel alignment is essential to avoid unnecessary wear on your tires, steering, suspension and brakes. Accurate wheel alignment optimises driving stability, maximizes tire life and improves your vehicle's overall handling performance. Wheel alignment refers to the angle of your wheels in comparison to each other and the body of your vehicle.
Wheel alignment is adjusted by altering the vehicle’s suspension. Using state of the art technology, our specialists at Tire Pro are able to accurately determine exactly how much adjustment is required and apply accordingly.

Nitrogen Filling

There are lots of advantages of using Nitrogen in car tires as compared to air. Filling your car tires with nitrogen will reduce air loss, boost fuel economy, reduce rolling resistance, and improve safety.

  • Solid Tire Fitting
  • Puncture Repair
  • Jump Start Battery Service
  • Battery Change